Sergei Abir


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Sergei Abir (Ritsarev-Abir, born in Moscow, 1944) is a composer, arranger, conductor, teacher and musicologist. Educated in Moscow conservatory in the 1960s, he absorbed its great professional tradition rooting in Russian classic school. Abir is one of the closest disciples of the major Moscow teacher of instrumentation Yury Fortunatov. Ritsarev-Abir taught at the Institute of Military Conductors affiliated to Moscow conservatory (1970-1979), at Gnessin’s Pedagogic College and Institute (1979-1990) and at the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel-Aviv (1991-2002). He is the author of books on the eighteenth-century French symphony and Christoph-Willibald Gluck (Moscow, 1977, 1987).

Sergei lives in Tel-Aviv with his wife, Marina Ritzarev. He has two children and five grandchildren.


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